Workstation Idle Time

When a workstation opens a copy of EDX SignalPro software, the License Manager (LM) allocates one of the available network licenses to that workstation. Periodically, the EDX software will then notify the LM that it is still active. If the LM does not receive a message from a particular workstation for a certain period of time (the idle time), it will make that particular license available to other workstations. The EDX software performs this notification process when saving, loading projects, and running studies. As long as one of these notifications occurs within this idle time, the LM will hold the license for the application.

You can set the idle time by editing your edx.ini file, which is located in the C:\ProgramData\EDX\config directory. Set the idle time so that the license will not be abandoned during normal operation.

The ProgramData directory may be a hidden folder on your computer. Please navigate to your folder options and select the option to view all hidden files and folder.

The section to edit is:

[nethasp] minutes_idle_time=4320

The default value in this file is 72 hours (4320 minutes).

A typical practical value might be 4 hours (240 minutes).

The need for setting an idle time occurs when the program or the workstation is shut down improperly. In this case, the LM will not release the license until the idle time is exceeded. All of the licenses issued by the LM will be cleared if the LM program/service on the server station is stopped/unloaded. This would be the ultimate method of releasing a license abandoned by the workstation.


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