ITU-R P.526

EDX Wireless closely works with ITU-R standards and have implemented a number of ITU-R propagation models such as:

  • ITU-R-370 + RMD

  • ITU-R .P370

  • ITU-R .P452 

  • ITU-R .P1546

  • ITU-R .P1812

  • ITU-R .P528

A question that is asked by users is regarding ITU-R 526. This standard is not a propagation model but a recommendation. Standard can be found here with all versions:

Documentation version 2019, P.526-6 states: This Recommendation presents several models to enable the reader to evaluate the effect of diffraction on the received field strength. The models are applicable to different obstacle types and to various path geometries.

To further explain, A propagation model is an integrated process that takes into account path losses composed of free-space, diffraction, reflection, and clutter effects.  This particular recommendation describes various methods for calculating loss only over obstacles.

These include spherical earth, single obstacles, two methods for multiple obstacles, and wedge obstacles.

The EDX RF planning tools contain a number of industry-standard propagation models, many of which use diffraction methods which are essentially the same as the ITU-R 526 recommendations.

These include :

  • EDX "Free Space+RMD"

  • TIREM 

  • Anderson-2D

Using these models will produce single/multiple diffraction loss results that are equivalent to the ITU-R 526 results. Available from EDX is a paper describing research that was done by EDX to compare the path loss results for several propagation loss methods with respect to actual measured values. The conclusion of this paper is that the Anderson-2D model predictions have high correlation to actual path loss measurements. The paper is: "New 2D Physical EM Propagation Model Selected" and is available in the Resources -> Publications/White Papers section of the EDX website (

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