EDX Network Requirements


The EDX Network requirements are listed in the image above. The user running SignalPro will need to be aware of the following functions that require internet connectivity:

Each of these domains will need to be whitelisted on the corporate firewall, so that internal users can access them. All requests from the user are outbound and no EDX services require inbound access to the corporate network. All outbound requests are made over HTTPS on port 443.

If Using a Network License Server w/ USB Hasp Key

If a network license key is in use, port 475 will also need to be open on the network license server. For users working remotely, it is recommended to run a VPN to connect into a machine within the office network to run SignalPro. It is not recommended to run SignalPro on a remote machine that is accessing the network license server over VPN (any unreliability in the VPN connection may cause the license sessions to be temporarily “stuck” on the license server).

Please see the section titled “Network Key Scenarios” in Licensing Scenarios.