Full Installer Overwrites Default Directories

When receiving an installation of SignalPro from our support team, there are two types of installers you can receive: a full installer or a web update installer.

When you do a full install, all of the original directories SignalPro creates upon installation get overwritten. When you do a web update, these files are not touched. We recommend when you make changes to files not to store them in the default directories.

Differences between web update and full installer:

Web updater installs:

  • bin directory

  • SignalPro application

  • .exes

  • .dlls

  • area_studies_definition.txt file

  • rf amplifier.csv (C:\Program Files\EDX\SignalPro\Data\BuildingEditor\Data)

  • C:\ProgramData\EDX\config\Library Data\Equipment

Full installer overwrites everything. Please back up the following file if you intend to do a full install.

Significant files that may be overwritten.

  • edx.ini file

  • default sample projects

  • default project templates

  • C:\ProgramData\EDX\BuildingEditor

  • C:\ProgramData\EDX\config\Library Data\Equipment

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