EDX Wireless Shortcut Keys

NOTE: This information is also available in the EDX Software Under the Help Menu.

Arrows: Up, Down, Left, Right = Moves the cursor around the screen

Enter: Moves the Reference Cursor to the current location of the cursor

CTRL + Enter: Centers the map on the current point

ESC: Kills any current state

CTRL+N: Create a new Project CTRL+O: Displays the Open Project dialog

CTRL+S: Saves the current project

CTRL+P: Prints the current map window

CTRL+Z: Undo Pan and Zoom

CTRL+X: Redo Pan and Zoom

CTRL+INS: Goes into Copy mode

Scroll Wheel: Zoom in/out

Scroll Wheel + SHIFT: Increases the zoom in/out factor

Right Button and: V: Opens Perspective View dialog

L: Opens Link Context Menu if on a Link

C: Opens CPE Context Menu if on a CPE

B: Opens Building Attributes dialog if on a building that has a building ID other than 0

W: Opens a small dialog containing wall information

You have to click where walls meet to get this information. Simply clicking on a wall will not work.

Left Button Double Click: Centers the map

Left Button and: CTRL: Selects/Deselects a specific graphic object if you are on it

SHIFT and click/drag mouse: Moves the current Site or CPE

SHIFT + CTRL while click and drag: Moves site label

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