Link Templates

SignalPro allows the user to create Templates for various pieces of equipment. These templates can be used when importing your equipment or physically placing equipment on the map. In this article we will cover Link Templates.

Link templates can be accessed from within the Link Systems menu, under RF Systems.

Once within the link template menu there can be up to 5 different fully configurable templates. These templates will be utilized when importing and physically placing links on the map.

Once within the Edit Template button users have full capability to configure all information about the link. When finished editing just be sure to press okay through all of the menus to ensure everything saves.

When using the new link button to draw a link on the map, choose which template is to be used:

When using the spreadsheet editors to import link data, there is the option to choose a specific template before importing the data. The template drop down menu is highlighted here:

For any other questions or issues regarding link templates, please create a support ticket here:

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