Receive-Only Site and Study Setup

Running a study to determine the received signal at a Base Site Sector receiver requires the user to determine what type of method is used to determine the active Base receiver as used for each Remote Unit Transmitter study point location.

In the traditional "Received power at best base from remote" study, the received signal shown on the study map is the signal received by the Base Receiver for which the same Base Transmitter provides the strongest downlink signal to the Remote Unit location.  This is appropriate in a "cellular" type system where each transmitter is also co-located with a companion receiver.  

But, when using Voting Receivers(receive-only/uplink-only), the determination of which receiver has the strongest uplink signal from the Remote Unit requires that the EDX program uses a different signal sorting method.  For this reason, the "Received power at best voting receiver from remote" study should be used.

With this study, the determination of which Base Receiver to use is based solely on the signal levels received at each Base Receiver. It doesn’t matter what parameters are entered for the Transmitter at these base sites.  So, for Receiver-Only sites you simply create the Site and enter the Site parameters and the "Receiver Parameters" and then ignore the “Transmit Parameters” dialog box.


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