Test Against Measurement Propagation Model Selection

In SignalPro under the Studies menu is the Propagation Models menu. This menu is used to choose the appropriate propagation model or models for your system design and setting up the environment and clutter loss options.

Once you have configured this menu, then you will assign the appropriate propagation model to each sector in use. You do this by going into the Site details for each site and use the Propagation Model button located at the bottom of the dialogue to assign the proper model for each sector/site.

When using the test against measurement tool located in the Propagation Model menu, the Propagation model that gets used will be whatever row is currently “highlighted.” So if your top row, typically called “Global Group Model 1” by default, is the model you would like to use when running test against measurement, you need to be sure and select or highlight that row. In the image below, both ways of “highlighting” a row is acceptable. If you wanted to use one of the other rows for test against measurement, then you would need to “highlight” that specific row.

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