Cirrus license and unstable internet

If a user loses internet access for longer than the time remaining on the session (typically 15 minutes or less), then SignalPro will shut down. If the computer was in hibernation mode during the time that the session expired, then when the machine resumes operation, SignalPro will try to create a new session at that time.

If the user loses internet connection for a short period of time, there should be no noticeable change in operation.

SignalPro will try to update a session 5 minutes before its expiration. Then, once the session expires, they have 5 additional minutes (grace period) to save their work. So, in the worst case scenario where internet access is lost moments before SignalPro would have updated the session, the user will still have 10 full minutes to finish saving before the software shuts down.

If a study is running when the license expires, the study will continue to run in the background until completion. However, if the user clicks Ok on the warning dialog, the 5 minute shutdown timer begins, and the study will be cancelled when SignalPro closes.