Studies Exporting Multiple SHP Files

When exporting studies from SignalPro, SHP files are dependent on the study grid size and resolution.

SHP files have a hard limit of 2GB. Depending on the study grid and point sizing, it’s very possible we will export many SHP files due to this 2GB file limit.

Each file represents a part of the whole entire study. They should be imported into a GIS tool as a whole if you want to perform queries on the data across the entire study.

The files themselves are like any other SHP file. They can be used on their own or can be viewed separately. Each file is a self-contained portion of the entire study.

You can drag/drop all the SHP files into an external such as QGIS to view the entire result.

It may make more sense to drag/drop one file at a time into a tool. This will show you what is contained in each file and better explain the concept of these strips (or portions of the study).

Reminder, this is due to the SHP file format which has a hard limit 2GB per SHP file. Please reference this article for more information:,Geometry%20limitations,is%20equivalent%20to%20a%20point).


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