Hardware Key Operations For Distributors

Please review below for how hardware keys work/operate.

  1. Stand alone key - (White printer port Green HASP key or Purple USB key) - we call this a "local" key. This key must be plugged into the computer that is running the EDX software. It authorizes the use of the software on that computer only.

  2. Network key - (Red printer port HASP key or Red USB key) This key can be plugged into any computer on the network. It allows computers on the network (LAN/WAN) to run one of the EDX programs. This includes the computer with the Network key. You can authorized multiple licenses for programs using this one key. The computer that has the network key also needs to run a program (or service) called the License Manager that keeps track of the licenses programmed into the key and checks them out to users as needed. If for some reason the computer running the EDX software loses connection with the Network key it is possible that the license that was in use won't get "checked in" and become available for other users. To avoid this there is a Time Out setting in the "edx.ini" file found in the C:\programdata\EDX\CONFIG folder where the program is installed on each computer. The line "minutes_idle_time=" allows to set he maximum time that the license started by this computer is held until the License Manager assumes it has been abandoned. If a running copy of the program is not being used (running studies, etc) it is considered to be "idle". Typical time-outs might be on the order of an hour or so (60 - 120 minutes). If it is too short, the license might time out while someone is working with the program and their license might be picked up by somebody else. If this happens, their program would shut down the next time they tried to do a Save or Run a Study for example. One can go to the computer with the Network key and restart the License Manger program/service. This will cancel all licenses that are checked out. To review the order the program goes through to find a key, please use this link to access the EDX License Startup Flow article:https://edxwireless.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/EWKB/pages/1143308310. If no local or network key is found the user usually sees a "Hasp error 15". The Hasp error codes are listed in Chapter 18 of the Reference Manual. The user can install the program on as many computers as they like. But obviously the program won't run until it can find a valid hardware key (either local or network).