Wifi Module

We are pleased to announce our new Wifi Module.

Wifi is one of largest and growing technology globally, according to Wifi Alliance the value expected to grow to nearly $5 trillion by 2025

Wifi is key to bridging the digital divide in developing countries, providing free internet access to reducing the social economic difference between groups and globally

With Wifi continuing to evolve the technology drives to meet the user demands and quality

To provide the industry & our customers with the best solution for all their Wifi planning needs, we have introduced the Wifi Module. This modules comes with the feature sets to model, plan and optimize any Wifi network globally

The feature sets include;

  • New WiFi system type dialog

  • Support of all 802.11 versions

  • WiFi to TX system details

  • Wifi Studies

  • Neighbor Planning

  • Traffic Modeling

  • BSSID Identification

  • Access point placement

  • Automatic Frequency planning

  • Supporting all Propagation models

  • Indoor support

  • Wifi Cell Edge & BDC



Set up

To set up your Wifi network, user must go to Network Design/Analysis → Wi-Fi Networks

3 options are presented

  • System/details/Service Area

    • This will allow the user to set up the Wifi Technology parameters for the network

  • Neighbor Lists

    • To be used to analyze and perform neighbor planning for the network

  • Automatic Frequency Planning

    • This wizard is used to automatically perform frequency planning for the network for the most optimal frequency plan


System details/Service Area

Users can select the technology and 802.11 standard version of their network.

In addition all the soft parameters as per their link budget and files to support customers unique network needs


RF Systems

To set up the access points, BSSID and hardware parameters go to RF systems → Transmitter/Base/Hub/Router Sites

Within this GUI user can select the sector technology to Wifi and the BSSID in the channels tab


Traffic Loading

Under Network Design/Analysis ->Traffic Loading

A new Wifi traffic definition has been added


Select this to add the service, traffic, UL and DL Data rate and % activity

Thereafter adding the percent of total traffic to be carried by this group

User can then → Calculate average traffic load on each sector


This will update the sectors with the predicted traffic for further studies



Within the area studies user can find all the studies for WIFI






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