Reverting An Update

If an update or recent change has caused your EDX software to stop functioning properly, you can follow the steps below to downgrade the software back to its previous state.

Before You Get Started

  • Make sure your projects are saved and your EDX software is closed.

  • This process requires the ability to view hidden folders in Windows. If you don’t already have this option enabled, then follow the steps listed on this page.


  1. Open a file browser, and navigate to C:\Users\[Your Username Here]\AppData\Local\Temp\EDX

  2. In this folder, you should find folders with the word backup and a version number after them, e.g. backup9.1.1.

  3. Once you’ve chosen a version to revert to, open that folder and copy the Bin folder inside it.

  4. Navigate to C:\Program Files\EDX\Signal or C:\Program Files\EDX\SignalPro.

  5. Rename the bin folder in this directory to bin_old.

  6. Paste the Bin folder you copied from earlier into this directory, and rename it to bin (lowercase “b”).

The next time you launch Signal or SignalPro, the software should be reverted back to its original state. You can verify this by going to the Help>About menu and checking the version number displayed.

If you ever need to reverse this change, go into the C:\Program Files\EDX\Signal folder and delete the bin directory, and rename bin_old back to bin.