Updating the Bing Maps User Key

EDX Wireless provides a new Bing Map key the first week of January and the first week of July of each year.  

There is a folder at: C:\Program Data\EDX\config\license\ which contains the bing_license.lic file for the existing Bing License key.

Each time SignalPro/Signal launches, there is a software check to determine if the current local key is older than the current key on the EDX server.

If the bing_license.lic file exists, a backup copy will be created before the new key and license file are put into place.

If your machine does not have an internet connection to the EDX server, then contact EDX support via the EDX Wireless Customer Support Portal to request an updated Bing Map key and installation instructions.

As of SignalPro 8.5.2/Signal 11.5.2, if your Maintenance Agreement is current, the Bing Map User Key for your installation of Signal or SignalPro should update automatically. In cases where this doesn’t happen, you can follow the steps below to force an update, or update your key manually if all other steps fail. A video walk-through can also be found here.

  1. Click Map

  2. Select Setup Map Layers…

  3. Click on the Bing(tm) Map Layer

  4. Press the Style... button. You may also double-click the Bing(tm) Map Layer

  1. Expand the Map Views section

  2. Expand a view that contains a Bing Maps layer (in this example, it’s Initial View)

  3. Expand the Map Layers section

  4. Double-click on the Bing(tm) Map Layer

Forcing a User Key web update

This process requires an active internet connection!

  1. Save any open projects.

  2. Close all instances of EDX software.

  3. Open a file browser, and navigate to C:\ProgramData\EDX\config\license

    1. As the ProgramData folder is hidden by default, you may need to adjust your file browser settings to view this folder.

  4. In this directory, find and remove bing_license.lic and bing_license.lic.bak

  5. Re-open the EDX software.

  6. Open any project with a Bing Maps layer.

  7. The map will fail to display at first, but should automatically update within a few minutes.

Updating the User Key manually

  1. Clear the entire User Key field.

  2. Paste in the new key (including the date) provided to you by EDX Wireless.

  3. Click Set Key to confirm the change.

  4. Click Test Key to test the new key.

  5. Check the box on the right to see if the update worked.

If the box on the right displays a map image, then you’re all set!