Manage New Project Templates

When New Project is selected, the list of available Project Templates (also called system types) can be modified by using the Manage New Project Templates menu selection. Adding a new template involves selecting an existing project that contains the parameters you want to use for the new template. Typically this will be a project that contains no transmitters, links, or CPEs but has preset database locations as well as typical study parameters and map layers established. To access this option go to File>Manage New Project Templates. If prompted save your current project. To create a new template, press the Add Template button and browse for the desired EDX Project, then save it with the desired template name. Existing templates can be renamed using the Rename Template button. To delete an existing template, select (highlight) it and press the Delete Template button.

The multiple project.*.xml files that contain the template parameters can be found in the EDX program installation directory, C:\ProgramData\EDX\ , in the Template sub-directory. For each named template, there will be a folder in this sub-directory with a matching name. The individual template parameter files are contained in these folders and when a template is selected for a new project, these files are combined with the files found in the “common” folder to set up the first map view of new projects.

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