Save as Image and Image Setup

Save As Image

If you would like to save your map views as a graphical image in a common picture format, select Save as Image... from the File menu. A familiar Windows dialog box will appear, enabling you to browse to a directory where you would like to store your image. Select the desired output format from the Save as type list found on the bottom of the dialog box. We offer a comprehensive set of graphics types, including the following common graphic image formats:

  • PDF – Adobe Portable Document Format

  • BMP – Windows Bitmap

  • TIF – Tag Image File Format

  • JPG – JPEG File Format

  • PNG – Portable Network Graphic

The image will be saved in the selected format according to the parameters that are selected on the Image Setup dialog box.


Image Setup

In order to set the parameters for the Save as Image feature, select Image Setup from the file menu. A dialog box will be displayed where you can select the Image size and the Image source for your capture. You can select standard image resolutions in pixels from the Standard drop-down list, or you can define any resolution by clicking on the Custom radio button and filling in the desired Width and Height pixel values for your image. The more pixels you select, the larger the size of your resulting image file.

The resulting image can be either the map view you see in your active window, or the output you would get if you printed the map view to your printer. If you select the latter, click the Use print setup radio box and EDX will use the settings for your currently selected printer driver. If you check the Use Print Preview check box, EDX will use the window and view settings from the Print Preview Mode.

As with Save As Image above, you can choose your output format, and can even save the file directly from this dialog box. Clicking OK saves the parameters for use the next time you choose Save As Image.

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