Bringing Geographic files into SignalPro

SignalPro supports multiple geographic file formats, MIF + MID, BNA, KML, SHP, & TAB. If you are having trouble displaying the geographic file on the map, but you have no issue loading the file into SignalPro. You may want to try and convert the file into a different format using a GIS editing software, such as QGIS.


You are given a folder containing a SHP file that loads into SignalPro but does not display on the map. You can try to use QGIS to convert to another format, such as KML. Open QGIS and add the SHP file as a vector layer:

At this point the file will load onto the display for QGIS, or you will be presented with a Transformation dialogue:

You will use this dialogue to transform the SHP by choosing the appropriate conversion operation. The first option is recommended and typically the most accurate. Once you choose your conversion operation and click okay, the file will display in QGIS.

Now you will right click on your layer in the layer panel and highlight export, then choose save feature as:

Which will bring up a dialogue that allows you to choose a many different formats, for this example, we have selected KML:

You will name your file and click okay to save. At this point you can try to go into SignalPro to load and display the new KML file. If the file loads, but does not display, you can try to convert to a different format using QGIS. Or you can submit a support ticket and share the files in question, and we will look into it for you!