How to Create .GCV Clutter Files using EDXCV

Users of EDX SignalPro who have certain types of Land use(Clutter) source data have the opportunity to convert that data into EDX SignalPro .GCV format using the EDXCV Tool.

EDXCV can convert each of this types of Land use(Clutter) source data:

  • ASCII groundcover files

  • ArcView .SHP files

  • Polygon .BNA files

  • USGS DEM format

  • MSI-Planet format

  • ArcView ASCII Grid

  • ArcView Binary Grid


  • MapInfo .MIF vector to EDX .BNA (clutter carving)

The EDXCV tool can convert each of these formats as long as they are being inputted properly in the right format to begin with. If the Source file is not in the proper format then this can potentially distort or throw off the resulting conversion.

EDX recommends ArcView ASCII grid as this is our preferred format , we also recommend using WGS84 lat/long in decimal degrees and the best source data project as well.


To convert a valid source data into EDX .gcv format, you will want to:

  1. Set your source file to be converted

  2. Set your destination file to where the converted file should go and what it should be named.

  3. Select the proper Conversion type

  4. Check “Create .CHT heights file” if you would like to utilize clutter heights within SignalPro.

  5. Go into “Geographic Parameters” and set the according to the source file, its menu will look like this:

  6. Lastly you can press Start Conversion


When running EDXCV and attempting to apply clutter heights and data to a project. You will need two separate .asc files. One of the files should be associated to the clutter data, using the EDXCV you will convert the file over to .gcv. The other .asc file should be associated to the clutter heights, you will use EDXCV to convert this file over to .cht. You must have the .gcv file and the .cht file. It is good to know that even though you check the “create CHT box” if you don't change the file extension to .cht, the .cht file will not be created. You must check the CHT box and also change the file extension to .cht

For further help with EDXCV, SignalPro, or conversions please create a support ticket on our Support Portal: