How To Use The EDX Wireless Support & Training Portal

Getting To The Website:

To start go to to find the link to the EDX Wireless Support Portal. Once in the Support Portal, we recommend taking a moment to bookmark this page for future use.

Support Portal Overview:

On the homepage of the Support Portal you will find important EDX updates and notifications. The search bar allows users to scan through the EDX self help library of articles and videos which provide on-demand help to troubleshoot issues you might be facing. For example, if you were having issues with your Bing™ Map layer, you could type “bing map” in the search bar and pull up all articles related to the Bing™ Map.


  • A support request should be submitted when you are experiencing a bug or encountering an error message in the software. These are issues that prevent you from completing a project or study as a result of a dysfunction of the software or system. 

  • In the top right corner of the Support Portal page, you will have access to: your profile and the Requests button (which gives the options: Created by me and All). The search function (Find help and services) mentioned earlier is located in the center of the page near the top.

Note: After clicking the Requests button and selecting either “Created by me” or “All”,  a Requests window opens and the default dropbox will display “Open requests.” In order to see all of your tickets you will need to click the drop down arrow and select “Any status.”

If you’d like to see if a particular ticket has already been submitted, use the Requests search bar to search the content of your recent tickets.  To exit the Requests window, click the “EDX Wireless” link in the top left corner of the window.

To Create An Account:

  1. To create an account click on the login button in the top right corner of the screen and choose sign up. You will need to enter your email address and select “send link.”

  2. Once you receive a confirmation email in your inbox, click the link and you will be redirected back to the login page where it will prompt you to create a password.

  3. Now that you have created an account you will start receiving notifications for the requests you have submitted.

To Submit A Support Ticket:

  1. Click on “EDX Wireless - Support”, this will redirect you to the request form.

Note: that the more detailed information you provide the quicker we will be able to troubleshoot your issue.

2. On the form you will need to provide: 

  • Your company name, your name, email, phone #, and industry

  •  Summary - the summary is more of a title that best describes the issue you are facing)

  • Description - for the description please remember to be as detailed as possible here

Note: typing in the description field will automatically search for related self help articles that may solve your issue. 

  • Add attachments to your ticket - we recommend screenshotting error messages and adding any relevant files that we may need to see in order to understand the full extent of your issue and provide faster solutions

  • The name of which product you are requesting assistance with

  • Which version of the software you are using and the serial number (from Help>About), the specific feature of the product you are referring to, indicate if your software is operational, and if this issue is preventing you from getting your work done

  • Required resolution date - this date might be attached to a project deadline

  • Additional notes if you feel more information needs to be added to provide a more detailed description of the issue.

3. If you want to add additional information after your request has been submitted, you can go back to the customer support portal and edit any fields in the form

4. One you submit your ticket you will see a confirmation screen and you will also receive an email copy of the support request. 

5. Lastly you will receive an automated message response from our system letting you know that your request has been seen by a member of our team and is currently in our queue.