MegaMesh Topology Report: Run Serial feature

There is a new feature that has been introduced into the Mesh Module Topology Reporting for SignalPro version 11.0.13. This feature is a new switch labeled “Run Serial” within the Topology Report menu. The purpose for the run serial feature is to help speed up topology reports for machines that may have limited memory, or for very large projects as well. The user can check this switch on and what the calculations will do is go through each router to meter connection during the propagations one at a time. If the switch is NOT turned on, the software will run the calculations for each router to meter connection all at once. For users with 16GB RAM, you will want to be sure and set this run serial switch as active. Also 32GB RAM user with very large projects, may want to turn this switch on as well. The switch is highlighted in the image:

When using the Run Serial switch you will want to first go into the Algorithm Setup within the Run mesh studies menu. You will want to set the Number of threads to run (inner) to a high value similar to the number of threads your machine can run. There is also a feature that lets you limit the number of trials for finding a neighbor (as sideways edge). This will find the requested sideways edges, but only use a limiter number of attempts to find them. Both of these settings are highlighted in this image:

The greyed out section just to the right of where you see yellow highlights, the switch the says “Limit propagation attempts”. This switch becomes active when you check “Limit sideways edges in analysis”. You will want to avoid using a high number here because this will cause the topology report to run longer, 16 is a good value to start with. You will want to decrease this value if your topology reports are taking a very long time to run.

For additional assistance with Topology Reporting you can create a support ticket here: