Unable to login/ Error message: Auth string was empty!

If you tried to login to the Cirrus platform and recieved the following error message:


This issue is occurring because of the latest Google Chrome update (Version 98). We discovered this issue last week and corrected it in our latest version of the software (Version To correct this issue please download the EDXLogin.dll provided in the link below and replace your current EDXLogin.dll in the C:\Program Files\EDX\SignalPro\Bin. Once you copy the EDXLogin.dll into the bin folder go ahead and try to re-launch the software.


EDXLogin.dll: https://edx.egnyte.com/dl/UqcEV6iIYh


For more information on the Google Chrome update (Version 98): https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2022/01/new-chrome-security-measure-aims-to-curtail-an-entire-class-of-web-attack/