Costs in Mesh

In SignalPro version 11.0.10, there is a new cost feature added to the Mesh Module, located under MegaMesh. This cost feature allows users to take add costs to meters/repeaters through a new menu button and gui.

The new menu button can be found within the Run Mesh Studies dialogue. This button is highlighted in the image below.

This is the new gui that appears after pressing the Costs button:

The gui contains a whole host of new settings/options.

First there are two tabs located towards the top left: “Costs per meter type” and “Cost per each repeater”

These tabs allow you to control the cost for each meter type and repeater type. You can assign a connected cost and disconnected cost for all of your meter/repeater types.

On the right hand side you have the cost settings. There are two check boxes, one to control whether or not the costs are displayed in the mesh reports. And the other to add or replace meter type cost for calculation with costs from the repeater file. The costs displayed in reports are highlighted in the image below:

Next is the Run spreadsheet section that allows the user to control if they would like to use bridge repeaters instead of base repeaters when viewing the repeaters spreadsheet. You can also press the “Run repeater spreadsheet” button that will bring up a spreadsheet editor for your list of repeaters.

Below the Run Spreadsheet option is the Costs per meter type section. This section is crucial because you will want to be sure and press “Update MeterType edits” if you have made any edits to the costs per meter type tab.

And finally below that is the Edit costs per repeater section. You can use the switches to add a new repeater id and cost value. If you have made edits to your repeaters spreadsheet you should press the “Update individual repeater edits. If you wish to delete the edits just made you will want to press “Delete repeater edits”. You also have the option to import a meter index for costs.

Be sure to press “Save” when leaving this dialogue to save any changes made.

If you have any additional questions regarding the costs in Mesh. Or if you are running into issues, please submit a support ticket here: