30 Day Prepaid License Usage Calculation

A usage day consists of any study calculation or interaction with the software for more than 1 hour in a given calendar day.

  • Study calculation time is recorded as the time required to complete any multipoint, route, or area study

  • An interaction with the software involves any mouse or keyboard based input to EDX software when the application is in the foreground.

  • Any time that the software is open, but not being used in the manner described above is considered idle time. Idle time is not considered product usage and the customer will not be billed for idle time.

  • All usage of the software is sampled in 5-minute buckets starting from the timestamp of the first measurement of usage in a calendar day. The maximum number of 5-minute buckets in a calendar day is 288.

  • If any amount usage occurs within a 5-minute bucket then the entire 5-minute bucket is recorded as used.

  • One hour of usage is measured as 12 5-minute buckets.

  • A calendar day is measured as 12:00am to 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time.


Selected Examples:

  • If a customer opens the software, then switches tasks and leaves the application open in the background for an entire day: EDX will record 5 minutes of usage for the opening of the application and then all other usage would be measured as idle and the customer will not have consumed a usage day.

  • If a customer opens the software to run a 1-minute study then closes the software in less than 5 minutes 12 times within a calendar day: EDX will record 60 minutes of usage and the customer will have consumed 1 usage day.