5G Project Setup

A sample 5G template can be downloaded here. Download it and place into C:\ProgramData\EDX\Templates and unzip.

Open Signal Pro and navigate to File-> New Project and select 5G N41 50 MHz. Complete the dialog.

Navigate to the following:

And create a channel plan template using the desired bandwidth. 5G systems are typical reuse 1 systems so only one channel is required. The following is for a 50 MHz TDD channel at 2.6 GHz.


Navigate to the following:

Adjust your system type as appropriate. To see a list of 5G system types, please navigate to the following link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5G_NR_frequency_bands . The dialog will only show SCS spacings and bandwidths that have been defined for that given 3GPP band.

Select your given SCS, bandwidth, cyclic prefix, and TDD ratio. Also select you channel plan template file that you defined above.


Define your other site and sector parameters as with previous technologies. Be sure to assign your given channel(s) to each sector when complete. This can be done at a site level or using the spreadsheet editors-> Sector Channels Data.


The following study types are currently available.

SS-RSRP: Secondary Sync Reference Symbol Received Power is the base signal strength for 5G systems.

Single Channel Downlink Throughput and Single Channel Uplink Throughput - Data rate calculated based on high level 3GPP planning guidelines.


A sample 5G project and be found here: