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SignalPro is a desktop application that can be installed in many different scenarios as required by the end user such as:

  • Virtual Machines

  • Central Shared Servers

  • Remote Desktops


SignalPro is a file-based application, storing data in a file system to run various module studies and algorithms.

This creates an optimal ecosystem for the user vs versus a heavy database for storage. Thus , thus providing the user full control of storage size utilized on their machines.

The files are stored in different formats depending on which studies/modules are being used.

.MXX format for the following module studies;:

  • 5G



  • PTC

  • 2G & 3G

RXX Format for the following;:

  • Multipoint

  • Route Studies

.TXT format for the following;:

  • Mesh Studies



SignalPro comes with 2 different types of licenses, :

  • Cirrus Licensing (e-license)

  • Hasp Keys*

The Cirrus Licensing is a unique offering that enablesenables”

  • Licensing on the go (no waiting for keys)

  • Subscriptions for SignalPro & Map Data

  • Map Sync Feature (Maps on demand)

  • Access to the Cloud Platform

  • Working offline (check-out feature)

  • No extra equipment


The EDX data and procedures are manipulated through COM objects, which can be created in most popular Windows® languages including C#, C++, Python, Microsoft Visual Basic®, Java, Perl, and Javascript.

For more information, see reference guide Chapter 12.




EDX software allows you to use a wide variety of EDX data sources or your own custom data. Here is a list of the types of data sources EDX software can access:


Please see Appendix B for more information on the formats we support.

  • Clutter - Formats include , .DAT, .gcv, ASCII, etc.

Please see Appendix E for more information on the formats we support.


  • Buildings/Floor plans - EDX building outlines and custom building/floor plan databases. Formats include , MCS, MDL, other formats can be converted in EDX